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Used Caravans For Sale and Selling Static Caravans

Firstly, the caravan should not be misrepresented and it should match its description at the time of it being sold – this generally included up-to-date pictures and accurate description of its condition.

The use of the internet as a point of sale means selling your caravan is easier than ever before but it has also unfortunately become more and more popular with illegality as unscrupulous buyers (and sellers for that matter) can hide behind the anonymity of a computer and keyboard.

If you receive an email from a potential buyer, ask yourself if they sound genuine. Some signs of fake emails bad grammar, spam emails and broken English. A lot of this is down to personal judgement but if you proceed with caution you should be fine.

A worst case scenario could see vast sums of money disappear because of an illegitimate deal between yourself and the buyer. Watch out for cheques too. They may be a dying form of payment on the high street but plenty of deals, especially with larger sums of cash, involve cheques so it pays(in more ways than one) to cover your back. Sometimes the buyer's cheque appears to clear and then bounces leaving the seller out of pocket by the amount they refunded the buyer and with no static caravan to show for it.

The fraudsters are usually based abroad making it incredibly difficult to trace their whereabouts in a case of acting fraud – therefore, prevention is better than the cure.

When the sale is complete you should always draw up a sellers contract so that each party can sign and keep a copy as proof of sale. Having the deal confirmed in writing will give you greater legal protection should there be a dispute down the line.

To sum up then:

  • Don't let anyone take your caravan away until you're satisfied that you've been paid in full.
  • Cash is always the best way to be paid.
  • If you are given a personal or building society cheque, wait for it to clear in your bank before you hand the caravan to the buyer.

Remember though while there are a few bad eggs out there the majority of caravan owners and buyers are honest and trustworthy, so the thought of purchasing – or selling – your static caravan should not be something to be worried about.

Written by Alex Corcoran, travel writer and serial online blogger for, serial hunter of hotel deals

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